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Welcome, Traveller


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Below you'll find a mix of information about me, as well as my characters. Please do share a comment if you like my work, it's always appreciated! I try to be a friendly person, so if you strike a conversation, I'll be sure to respond asap!

Please do note, however, that I don't take well to people asking me for points, to donate money, or for free requests. I'm not in the best of financial situations, so every penny I earn either through work or commissions, is precious to me.

Man, does that sound pretentious or what?


Nintendo GameCube by luizfrds
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• Nintendo ID: Smidsy • PSN: Rannarbananar

Gamecube fangirl over here; I currently own 8 different Gamecubes, 7 official variants, and one custom modified Mario themed one. That's not to say I don't play on other consoles - I still use my PS3 on a regular basis, and I'm dying to get more use out of my PS4 right now.

Stamp - PS4 - STATIC by byte-byteStamp - Wii U - STATIC by byte-byteStamp - Nintendo 3DS - STATIC by byte-byte


:txt: Commission info by Pomii
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Click the above image for commission prices. Gift Pack prices also available, and can be found in my recent journals. Points can be taken, as long as they match the USD equivalent, which I understand keeps them out of reach of a lot of people still.

Commissions are currently open. Art Trades are currently closed.


• Pack A x2 for Sea-Gnash [Paid]
• Gift Pack for quila111 and LadyKochou [To pay]
• Gift Pack for RazorSketches [Paid]

Pony OCs

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The section to showcase my Pony OCs, which are a mix of traditional MLP species, as well as my own Wildling Unicorns. If you'd like to know more about them, just click on their button, and it'll bring up relevant information on the character, as well as a full reference image.

Want to know something that isn't written in the profile? Just post it!

Species Profile: Wildling Unicorns


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Wildling Unicorns [Classical Unicorn reimagined]
• Tarandus • Melursus • Nerensis • Philoden

Wildling Unicorns are essentially my take on classical unicorns. They exhibit key features such as the lion tail and cloven hooves that mythlogical unicorns possessed. However, they have curved horns that do not spiral, thicker coats, and large, tuft framed ears.

They fit both into MLP [altered] universes, as well as a stand alone species. For more information, please click on Signe at the top.


• United Kingdom/England • Hobbyist Artist • Employed
I support Team Abagnale, and Team Cristata :'3

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Not much to say about me! I'm a reptile-loving, Border Collie owning pony artist from the UK. I've been keeping reptiles for going on over 10 years now, and I'm the proud mum of Teddie the collie, as well as two rats, Bumble and Bea.

I started drawing ponies at the beginning of Season 1, and while I no longer have much interest in watching the show much anymore, my love for bringing pony characters to life never went away!

Please don't ask me for my skype - If I want to talk I'll give it to you. To those who added me and I do not respond, it's not personal, I just spend most of my evenings in calls, so rarely look at actual messages, especially if I am drawing too.

A new Wildling approaches!


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Well shucks! I have Fronds!

:txt: Friends by Pomii
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What amazing people you are. Either you're my bestest best frond, or someone who I feel I have connected with at some point through art and comments. If you're on here, then congratulations, you've made it as an awesome human being in my eyes c':

F, A, and maybe a Q

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I hear you talk about reptiles a lot - why is this?

A. Reptiles have been in my life since before I was a teenager, so I grew up keeping them. I started with a very common species, and to date have kept over 15 different lizards and snakes at my own home, excluding species I used to keep at work. I like to think I know my stuff because of this.

Q. Art Tools - what do you use?

A. Just upgraded to a Wacom Intuos Medium (in blue!). My desktop is the equivalent of an i7, but running on an AMD processor instead. Hasn't let me down yet! I use Paint Tool SAI for most of my work, and use Paint Shop for final editing.

Q. Do you do art trades?

A. I depends on what I have planned. Normally, yes, I'd be happy to, but currently have them closed to focus on commissions, as well as drawing more of my own characters, without feeling like I'm neglecting work I should be doing for others.

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Mythicalpawz Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey Rannar!
May i have an example of a excellent Wilding that is in Philoden Clan?
I need a ref to see and get my Wildling right for Philoden Clan ^^;
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defilerzero Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Just gotta say, adorable artstyle. :3
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Mythicalpawz Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
May i make a Wildling Unicorn? 
They are just too adorbs to reject!! Like srsly! :heart: 
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EternalMusic88 Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2015  Student General Artist
thanks for taking interest in my commissions >////<
means a lot to me~!!! <333
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Metie Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
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