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Herp Derp & Bibi


Herp Derp
• Pegasus • Braystol • Herpetologist

Herp Derp has exotic taste when it comes to her pets. A long standing fan of everything scaled, she started at a young age with a collection of geckos, and it all grew from there. Her passion is keeping and breeding the animals in her care, and one day she hopes to open a reptile shop somewhere - so long as the locals take kindly to her friends!

Aside from reptiles, Herp Derp also keeps a few other animals - namely fish and certain species of insects - though she lets her daughter, Bibi, take care of those. Herp has a wonderful sense of humour, and enjoys being moody, even if she doesn't really have an excuse for it.

Broken Butterfly, aka 'Bibi'
• Pegasus • Braystol • Sharpshooter

Broken Butterfly's parents are Herp Derp and Scuttlebutt, two infamous ponies for different reasons. She inherited her love for exotic species from her mother, and caters towards invertebrates more than the reptiles her mother loves - adorning her own tail into the butterfly wing fashion she herself is well-known for.

She gained a rather bemusing sense of humour from her father, as well as a love of video games from both her parents - she is an accomplished sharp shooter in most arcade and online games.

Artemis & Evie


• Earth Pony (Paint) • Free Kingdom native • Paladin

Artemis' life has been a turbulent one. In the Free Kingdom, the eldest of each family are taken from a young age to learn to defend their kingdom, the best graduating to become protectors to their king. Artemis, alongside her twin brother Alberich, were selected, and Artemis grew into a competent Paladin.

Years after starting her service, the adventurous Paint horse started a new adventure, marrying the blacksmith, Albion, in secret, and having a foal with him soon after. Raising her young daughter, Evie, happens to be her most difficult challenge to date!

• Earth Pony (Paint) • Free Kingdom native

Evie is a little filly with big dreams. Her mother was a Paladin working under King Caelum of the Free Kingdom, and her father was a blacksmith who couldn't do more to help those who suffered in their cold climate. When Evie came into the world, her parents priorities changed, and she became the center of their world.

Like her mother, Evie's spirit is adventurous, not shying away from risky situations, and always keen to meet new friends. She takes great pride in her appearance, adorning herself with large ribbons around her hair, neck and tail. She was born early spring, so had to adapt quickly to the fierce winter that the Free Kingdom is known for.

Knut & Signe


Knut, a.k.a Prince Tarandus
• Tarandus Wildling Unicorn • Tverra Mountain Range

Knut is the youngest of six children belonging to the long reigning Tarandus Wildling Clan of the northern peaks - simply known as the Tverra, or Tarandus mountains. He has a lot of growing up to do, being part of such a high ranking family, but none of his siblings are forcing him to do so just yet - allowing the young colt to do as he pleases, so long as he stays nearby.

Outgoing and incredibly adventurous, Knut is ready for anything! He loves meeting new ponies, whether they be Wildling or not. He's heard stories of strange unicorns that possess 'cutie marks' and that have tails of horses, and he wishes so much to meet one!

Signe, a.k.a Princess Tarandus
• Tarandus Wildling Unicorn • Tverra Mountain Range

The eldest daughter to the Tarandus family, Signe has a lot of responsibilities, from catering to the needs of her younger siblings, to protecting the forest that their clan call home. Her magic specialises in healing and protecting, and Signe is able to put up and dismantle barriers to keep threats such as wolves away from their land.

Though, speaking of such wolves, she may or may not have a secret about that...

Sweet Aloha and Kappa


Sweet Aloha
• Earth Pony (Palamino) • Ponynesia native

A cheery pony with tropical heritage. She lives in a colony of islands collectively known as Ponynesia, and owns a small, homely cafe. She is best known throughout the island as a fantastic chef, who is too humble to accept she has a true gift for cooking. All Sweet Aloha wants to do is bring a smile to everyone's face, and she does it through any means!

Sweet Aloha doesn't just work alone! Her trusted companion is Kiwi the Gryphon, who she met as just an egg (which was going to be an ingredient!) during her travels around mainland Equestria. They're as thick as thieves together, and rarely seen apart, Kiwi often standing up for the kind-hearted Aloha when ponies get a little mouthy.

Kappa Foo
• Earth Pony • Neighpon • Turtle Whisperer

Kappa's clan off the mainland of Neighpon were always a little strange. Their ears were always bigger, their patterns always a little more elaborate, and their friends significantly less pony-like. Kappa is no exception, using her unique heritage to communicate with her favourite animals - turtles!

Keen to travel, Kappa set out to explore some of the more populated areas of the land called Equestria, meeting with many new and exciting ponies, but even when she felt lost, she was never alone as long as she was near a swamp or lake - her reptilian companions were always there to guide her!

About Me!

• Nintendo ID: Smidsy •  PSN: Rannarbananar  
[B]: Herp Derp   [P] Artemis & Signe

Days Off:
Tuesdays and Saturdays

What To Know:

• Preferred nickname is Rannie.
• Been keeping Reptiles for 10+ years.
• Work with Tropical and Pond fish
• Whine about my job a lot.
• This Is Not An Exit.

Currently working on: Celesti: Seven Wonders
Regression and First Charge

Click Grumpy Griff for Commissions! [OPEN]


Commissions are currently OPEN
Please note me for additional details!

• All prices are in $USD
• Must be paid upfront via Paypal
• Price on multiple images are negotiable.
• Trades for custom craft items also accepted!

Stuff 'n' things to do:



Art Trades: Round 1

• Art Trade with SamandriilRF [sketched]

Round 2 -

• Art Trade with sexytalkischeap [To start]
• Art Trade with KirillK [To start] *
• Art Trade with bIuejeans [To start]

Well shucks! I have Fronds!




Soul Silver Stamp by Riiarei Heart Gold Stamp by Riiarei
REQUEST_uk s.t.a.r.s. by HavokPanda GTP Stamp by Rannarbananar Test - Hoggie stamp by Rannarbananar I love Balls by CVDart1990 I love Burmese Pythons by WishmasterAlchemist Rankins Dragon Stamp by Rannarbananar Gamecube Lover Stamp by Sora05 OP_Chibiterasu Stamp by Stamp221 Fire Emblem: Fuuin no Tsurugi by Vulpixi-Stamps JILL - Stamp - by Jill-Lovers 203 - Girafarig by Marlenesstamps South Park Stamp by umbrehla Vaati stamp by paridox Hey Claire....Stamp by angelbebop8 Jumping Squid Stamp by SquidPig Hey Leon....Stamp by angelbebop8 Fleetwood Mac by PalomitaStamps Game Boy Stamp by Kezzi-Rose ColdPlay Stamp by SpitFire19er I love Border Collies by WishmasterAlchemist I :heart: windwaker by PirateGirl-Tetra OMG- Oh my growth by prosaix Mononoke Kodama Stamp by TwilightProwler Red Dead Redemption 01 by StirFryKitty Disney Stamp - Aladdin 022 by hanakt pokemon X stamp by ingart15 Get-in-ma'-jelly by White-Tean Pokemon: Keldeo by SD-DreamCrystal

F, A and maybe a Q

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I hear you talk about reptiles a lot - why is this?

A. It's because I essentially live and breathe them. Both my home life and work life are dominated by reptiles, which involves selling, breeding and the general keeping of them. I currently keep a wide range of snake and lizard species, as well as run a reptile section in the local Garden Centre. If you're after a slice of advice on reptiles, don't be afraid to ask - I answer questions like it for a living, and it's the one thing I can say I know incredibly well c:

Q. Art Tools - what do you use?

A. I currently use a Wacom Bamboo Fun Medium tablet, together with Paint Tool SAI on an average spec laptop (Sony Vaio, i3), or on my new desktop, which is an i7 HP desktop. For streaming, I use Picarto, as I find it a far easier and less bandwidth consuming way of screen sharing than Livestream, which usually cuts out for me anyway.

Q. Do you allow people to use your work?

A. If the image used was requested by someone as a commission or art trade, then that one person can use it as they wish. However, no one else has permission to use anything in my gallery that is OC related. Canon character artwork is allowed to be used with correct credit attached. I do not tolerate stolen artwork, and will report it if it is found, on whatever site it is located on, pony or non-pony.

Q. Do you have a list of OCs that you actively use?

A. Why yes! They are the following:

'Main' Celesti Characters:

Ranna Forena // Dragon //
Lucas Cristata // Equisarian //
Kayna Firion // Dragon //
Rise Soldane // Vulparian //
Artemis Silvervyne // Equisarian //
Myth/Mya Melodias // Luparian //
Indra Abagnale // Luparian //

...and many more!

Other Animals:

Quince // Griffin //
Ai // Gryphune //

Delta Crowntail


Delta Crowntail
• Earth Pony • Betta enthusiast

Delta is a reverse Little Mermaid - she totally wants to be a fish. She wishes it so bad, she actively crafts herself ways of making herself look more like her favourite tropical species - the Siamese Fighting Fish. Her fin-like 'ears' are just attached to her hat, which hides her normal pony ears underneath!

She has a hard time making friends because her, for a lack of a better word, obsession. But, she can be a sweetie, and though shy at first, is able to actively talk about other things when she knows someone well enough. She one day would love to meet a Kelpie; and wishes that somehow, she'd be able to make her dream come true and become one.


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