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1. 12 Edible Ponies for Luciere (3/12 complete) [Paid]

Custom Species Information

Wildling Unicorns
Pictured: Black Swan (Male)

Take It Easy by Rannarbananar
Otherwise viewed as the classical Unicorn, hosting long lion tails, cloven hooves and larger ears. These creatures do not inhabit towns or cities, instead sticking to their ancestral forest-village homes. They are a secretive and over protective race that prefer to keep themselves to themselves - viewing outsiders as ignorant and destructive.

Being more in tune with nature, their special talents usually lie in botanical arts, but stretch to alchemy and various forms of zoology. Compared to regular ponies, they gain their cutie marks much later in life, or not at all in some cases.


Pictured: Meena (Noble Roc)

Meena, Reimagined [Transparent] by Rannarbananar
A bird-like Pony species seperated into three different races according to their specialist features. 'Valiant' Rocs are the better fliers, hosting larger wings than others. 'Noble' Rocs feature unicorn horns, and specialise in magic for this reason, their bodies not well built for flight. 'Humble' Rocs are akin to Earth Ponies, comfortable both in the sky and on the ground. Their talents are varied.

As a species, Rocs cannot gain cutie marks. Their young hatch from eggs, taking after their avian ancestors in this regard. Their wings are tucked behind their forelegs and hind legs, so are not always on show. Their pelt is actually comprised of feathers instead of fur; except in the case of Noble Rocs, whose large 'manes' on their chest are made of a silky fur.

Custom Species: Continued


Pictured: Ai (Female)

Bushy Tailed by Rannarbananar
Hybridisation between your standard Griffin (or Gryphon) and a Kitsune. Highly coveted creatures that are commonly kept as pets or close companions, much how we would keep dogs or cats. They are keen, intelligent, loyal, as well as appropriately sized for most living arrangements.

Noticeable features include the numerous tails inherited from the kitsune line in their family tree, as well as incredibly large ears. Their fur is characteristically thicker than both parent species, and can host several layers more. They rarely shed their fur.

Freshwater Kelpies
Pictured: Undine, Queen Kelpie

The Queen of Kelpies by Rannarbananar
Female dominated species. Gender differences are subtle yet biologically vast - males lack any form of magic (i.e horn), thus are born with both pony front limbs and additional fins useful for swimming. Lakes are occupied by different clans with are lead by a head female; all of which answer to a single 'Queen'.

Kelpies are able to breed successfully with regular ponies, and their offspring then creates a hybrid that is comfortable living in both freshwater and saltwater. As a species, Kelpies can only live in freshwater to brackish; and are based on the fish that are located within such rivers and lakes.

They are based off both traditional Kelpies, as well as typical 'horror-story' mermaids. They are known for luring stallions to their deaths, and females can be so ferocious that even their brothers and fathers keep their distance.

Stamps 'n' things

Artwork above by Celebi-Yoshi

Soul Silver Stamp by Riiarei Heart Gold Stamp by Riiarei
REQUEST_uk s.t.a.r.s. by HavokPanda GTP Stamp by Rannarbananar Test - Hoggie stamp by Rannarbananar I love Balls by CVDart1990 I love Burmese Pythons by WishmasterAlchemist Rankins Dragon Stamp by Rannarbananar Gamecube Lover Stamp by Sora05 OP_Chibiterasu Stamp by Stamp221 Fire Emblem: Fuuin no Tsurugi by Vulpixi-Stamps JILL - Stamp - by Jill-Lovers 203 - Girafarig by Marlenesstamps South Park Stamp by umbrehla Vaati stamp by paridox Hey Claire....Stamp by angelbebop8 Jumping Squid Stamp by SquidPig Hey Leon....Stamp by angelbebop8 Fleetwood Mac by PalomitaStamps Game Boy Stamp by Kezzi-Rose ColdPlay Stamp by SpitFire19er I love Border Collies by WishmasterAlchemist I :heart: windwaker by PirateGirl-Tetra OMG- Oh my growth by prosaix Mononoke Kodama Stamp by TwilightProwler Red Dead Redemption 01 by StirFryKitty Disney Stamp - Aladdin 022 by hanakt pokemon X stamp by ingart15 Get-in-ma'-jelly by White-Tean Pokemon: Keldeo by SD-DreamCrystal

Well shucks! I have Fronds!



About Me!

•  Skype: Rannie-kins •  PSN: Rannarbananar  
[B]: Herp Derp   [P] Artemis & Knut

Days Off:
Tuesdays and Saturdays

What To Know:

• Preferred nickname is Rannie.
• Keeping Reptiles for 9+ years.
• Work with Aquatics and Reptiles.
• I work hard, but I don't play hard.
• This Is Not An Exit.

Currently working on: Celesti: Seven Wonders

OC List~

Celesti Characters:

Evie Adelae // Dragon //
Ranna Forena // Dragon //
Lucas Cristata // Equisarian //
Sierra Vanille // Equisarian //
Teddie Zodian // Luparian //
Hunter Emeris // Avarian //
Kayna Firion // Dragon //
Rise Soldane // Vulparian //
Chiri Little // Vulparian //
Lyra Sommers // Luparian //
Mercy Troubadour // Equisarian //
Artemis Silvervyne // Equisarian //

...and many more!

Main Ponies:

Herp Derp // Pegasus //
Sweet Aloha // Earth Pony //
Artemis // Earth Pony //
Evie // Earth Pony //
Meena // Noble Roc //
Knut // Tarandus Wildling //
Undine // Kelpie //

...and others besides!

Other Animals:

Quince // Griffin //
Ai // Gryphune //

F, A and maybe a Q

Frequently Asked Questions

Because I'm that awesome.

Q. I hear you talk about reptiles a lot - why is this?

A. It's because I essentially live and breathe them. Both my home life and work life are dominated by reptiles, which involves selling, breeding and the general keeping of them. I currently keep a wide range of snake and lizard species, as well as run a reptile section in the local Garden Centre. If you're after a slice of advice on reptiles, don't be afraid to ask - I answer questions like it for a living, and it's the one thing I can say I know incredibly well c:

Q. Art Tools - what do you use?

A. I currently use a Wacom Bamboo Fun Medium tablet, together with Paint Tool SAI on an average spec laptop (Sony Vaio, i3). For streaming, I use, as I find it a far easier and less bandwidth consuming way of screen sharing than Livestream, which usually cuts out for me anyway.

Q. Do you allow people to use your work?

A. If the image used was requested by someone as a commission or art trade, then that one person can use it as they wish. However, no one else has permission to use anything in my gallery that is OC related. Canon character artwork is allowed to be used with correct credit attached. I do not tolerate stolen artwork, and will report it if it is found, on whatever site it is located on, pony or non-pony.

This Is Not An Exit.

• Do not thank me for favourites or watches
• Do not ask me for points or free artwork
• Do not send chain mail, spam or adverts, etc
• Do generally be nice, or ask questions, etc c:


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